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By Corinne Blum on July 2, 2008

This is really inspiring. We're moving into a time where it's the individual that can make a difference.

The old way of thinking, being, politically, sociologically, etc., is no longer working - that has become very clear. But it's an amazing opportunity to see and feel the power of the individual rise, not in a self righteous way but in a form that actually creates a stronger community, society and hopefully, planet.

Enjoy and pass on.

By Corinne Blum on May 8, 2008

I watched this video and found myself literally without words by the end of it; and in tears. There is anger, disgust, sadness, rage, blame, unfairness... and at first it was all directed towards these soldiers (obviously Bush) but in essence it's really the sadness of the situation as a whole.

I keep on trying to look at it from a higher, and higher perspective. It's easy to blame these soldiers for their abominable behavior, yes it is shameful, but I can only imagine the trauma and wounds that they are suffering being catapulted into such a vile environment at such a young age. How to look at Bush in this situation is truly challenging.

But his presence is also karmic and this is the role he's playing. I couldn't imagine being hated so much. You wonder if he feels that. The hopelessness in me wonders if he even feels at all? What is so wounded in him that he has lost all sense of humanity?

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By Corinne Blum on March 21, 2008

I absolutely cannot believe this. It's hard not to have anger. It seems to be something that inevitably lies within the human race whether it be about sexuality, race, gender, class, etc. There are always some who think they are the "superior". Unfortunately it always seems to boil down to the white man, and the irony is that the white man is the minority in this world.

It scares me to know that this still exists - but of course it does, this is earth. I remind myself though, that it is easy to dwell in all this sadness and negativity, but the best we can do is spread knowledge and love and sincere compassion.

There will always be a counter part (I don't wish to use the word 'enemy'). Light cannot exist without the dark, good without evil - but hopefully we can live our lives in the pursuit of spreading the light and the goodness that this human race is capable of. Take a look, if you're so inclined...

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By Corinne Blum on March 17, 2008

I’m in a raw state right now, feeling alive and emotional with the great need to express, write, share, connect, cry, smile, give someone a hug, say all the things that want to be said within me.

It’s an excitement, a bouquet of emotions and feelings, an energy, a great love like falling in love except with life, with the human experience, with the rawness of suffering and joy, feeling, being, breathing...

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By Corinne Blum on March 6, 2008

I was reflecting on life, how time passes and we feel we need to constantly be filling it with something because if we don’t, we’re “wasting” time. When I stop and really think about that theory it seems utterly absurd. If you look through the lens of quantum physics you could say time is unquantifiable, it can’t be compartmentalized, measured by any means, because essentially it is elusive. Really what is time? It isn’t dense, it isn’t matter, nor does it have form. It isn’t even really energy.

The sucker punch to the melon is that it’s totally and completely relative! I don’t believe that there is a steady measure of time. It travels at different speeds according to the environment and state you are in. An afternoon of boredom feels like eternity. But a week (or even a month) filled with work and to-do lists and social engagements, feels like it goes by as quickly as those bad infomercials preach “in juuuuust minutes!” And sometimes it’s even just the geographical location that carries different MPH (minutes per hour). Six months in San Francisco or New York is the equivalent to one month in Southeast Asia. Or is it the other way around? Oh no, I’m confused now. Time has me in a tizzy.

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By Corinne Blum on February 19, 2008

This is unbelievable. It's totally unacceptable in my mind. Things need to change. I believe the consciousness is there, people talk about it, we send these emails round and round, but where is the energy to actually create a change? We have so much more power as individuals and as a mass community.

I often think about the 60's and the Vietnam war. Why can't we find that same enthusiasm? I'm not saying I'd do it the same exact way, there is a certain intelligence that hopefully we've acquired over time, but the intention was beyond great. We complain about our government, about the war, about taxes, education etc. How can we find the force within us to shift the power from a few moronic, malicious, monkey-man like idiots, to the majority, the community, we the people? Wasn't government created to be the representative, the voice, of the people? Where along the way did that change?

By Corinne Blum on February 15, 2008

These two words have been the driving force of my life this past year. It began as a battle. Me against a wall. There was no one, no thing that would fight back, yet I was always met with force. I was like the bee that’s trying to make its way through the glass window.

If only he/she could turn its little head a little to the right, he/she would see that the sliding glass door is not only open, but that there is a massive, massive world beyond it. With perspective I can now see that sometimes the period of banging your head against an invisible wall is absolutely - and quite absurdly - necessary. It makes going through the window into a limitless world, all the more mind blowing. It’s a different dimension entirely. One in which all of a sudden there are an immense amount of opportunities, and possibility is the soup de jour.

So in the beginning I struggled.

Read more of this post here ...

By Corinne Blum on November 25, 2007


Life will do everything to destroy your soul, art will remind you that you have one.

My goal through dance and choreography is to take everything experienced in life, the many spectrums of existence, its ugliness and its beauty, its suffering and its joy, and transform it into something that everyone can understand.

The process of observing, digesting, and transforming the myriad of life's experiences is what, to me, makes art interesting.

From suffering and ugliness, can we create healing and beauty? Can we collectively feel and be affected by life through art?

Read more of this post here ...

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