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By Eden Fuson on October 20, 2009

I am a proud Native American, and incorporate my heritage into my everyday life. My great-grandfather was born on a Cherokee reservation in 1910.

Ever since I was young, I have always respected nature as not something we should take for granted, but something we should respect. Our earth is our mother. No matter your religion, one must realize that we are part of this great world in all it's beauty, yet we continue to let it waste away.

Let's look at how the Cherokee lived, and perhaps, you can see that they had the right ideas, and it worked well for them. Well, of course, until they were forced to give up their tribal ways and were told what to believe in.

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By Eden Fuson on September 27, 2009

He awakes every day, knowing that it will be a struggle. He takes 10 pills a day to manage his disorders. He struggles with suicide almost daily. Some days are tougher than others. There are times he hears voices, that tell him to kill himself, other times he hears voices that tell him someone is in danger. He never feels “normal,” as hasn’t for as long as he can recall.

As difficult as it is for him, it’s not a problem that he deals with by himself. Like so many with mental illness, his family is affected by his disease.

It started when he was a child. He grew up in an abusive household. He was only 19, when he saw his mother murder his father. He held his dying dad in his arms, as the police took his mother away. For many years, he self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. He never found one that would take his pain away.
He had two children, yet that couldn’t fill the hole in his heart.

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By Eden Fuson on September 27, 2009

For starters, some may say that a dog is just a dog. And they are right. Dogs aren’t like humans, they don’t impact the world like us, they don’t run countries or raise children. Yet, for me, one dog has made me look at life differently. He made me realize things I already knew, and now I want to live bigger and better.

Lesson #1: Love Unconditionally

Not everyone you encounter in life will like you, let alone love you, but those who do deserve unconditional love. Love without expectations, that is always present. Give and you shall receive.

Lesson #2: Be Proud of Who You Are

You are unique, with your own thoughts, goals, experiences, personality and looks. Sometimes, you will be judged, but you are who you for a reason. Whether you are too big (as in Zyne’s case), too small or not so good looking, you must always carry your head held high, walk proudly and know that you have purpose.

Lesson #3: If You Have a Job, Do it Well

If given a job or duty, perform it to the best of your abilities. We are often faced with tasks that are too difficult, or even too mundane, that we’d rather not do. If not given a job in this life, assign yourself one. Every thing we do teaches us a lesson, and can possibly impact others.

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By Eden Fuson on June 23, 2009

Everyday, more and more people their job. Homes get foreclosed upon. Cars get repossesed. Children listen to their parents talk about money problems. Times are tough.

I spoke to a woman in her late 80's the other day. She sadly said that today's economy is worse than it was in the Great Depression. Back then, she said, at least people could find jobs on farms. This, I realized, is true. Especially in Kansas, the wheat state, where towns have Wheat Festivals, which even features the Best Wheat Competition! Due to technology in farming, I think there is less of a need for farm workers. Due to the increase of importing food, our local farms are suffering, thus leading to a lack of possible jobs.

In this time, where people are "going green," why not go green by planting a crop?

Read more of this post here ...

By Eden Fuson on May 24, 2009

As Americans celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow, I ask that we not just spend the day enjoying bbq, a day at the lake, or just a Monday off of work.

Let's take the time to remember not only our own loved ones that have died, but the soldiers in past and present wars. Too often, once the news reports are out, the solider is buried; the rest of the world forgets, with the exception of the family of course. But some 4,000 soldiers have been killed since 2001, and until our great President Obama bring them home, we can only hope that there are no more fatalities. If and when there are, let us not forget.

Another fact: 1 in 3 homeless adults is a Veteran. That is beyond sad, and it is something we must remember. Please, as Memorial Day occurs, let us not just remember to add charcoal to the grill, or place some flowers on our loved one's grave; let us remember our past, present and future.

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