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By Sarah Burris on August 21, 2009

CBS's Morning Show had a piece on the youth activism around global climate change. Young people like 15-year-old Alec Loorz is taking

"his message across the country, using poles to illustrate the predicted sea level rise if nothing is done to prevent global warning."

But this generation of youth isn't new to global warming nor the activism surrounding it. The 1990's brought a nation wide effort in Canada called the Youth Alliance for the "Turnaround Decade" where young people advocated for solutions to climate change, and young people in California particularly advocated for recycling programs when environmental activists invested in a generation of young people who also convinced their parents to take action. And who can ever forget growing up with Jesse the good-hearted environmentalist on Saved by the Bell (before she became a stripper). There was even an entire episode about how "drill baby drill" on the school football field killed hundreds of the crew's beloved science pets in the school's pond.

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By Sarah Burris on August 18, 2009

One of the panels I attended at Netroots Nation was Repairing our Democracy: Voter Registration Modernization and other Solutions with speakers Secretary Debra Bowen California's Secretary of State, Dean Logan the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk for Los Angeles County (the nation’s largest county), Jonah Goldman a national expert on voting and elections, and Justin Levitt counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice. The panel was also moderated by Eric Marshall, campaign manager for the National Campaign for Fair Elections in the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law's Voting Rights Project.

Highly knowledgeable experts on the panel seemed to develop the consensus that the system is broken.

"We must have a system of error correction that is speedy enough so that people aren't disenfranchised and the error is corrected," Secretary Bowen said. "We need more consistent rules of residency for students. Some places are down right hostile about allowing students to vote, some are welcoming, but many are very hard on students."

"There are huge barriers to over seas voters and our military. When I visited Iraq and Afghanistan I met with the voting official who is not elected but appointed to do the job. . ."

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By Sarah Burris on August 17, 2009

I had a serious problem trying to upload video at NN but here are the rest of those that I posted on Friday are now here!

The most meaningful comment out of this I believe came from Christina Hollenback who said that when it comes to young people and health care if they don't pass the Public Insurance Option then as far as she's concerned they didn't do anything. For young people who have few options the Public Insurance is the only thing that will work for most of us. Without Public Insurance she's right, they may as well have done nothing.

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By Sarah Burris on August 14, 2009

Yesterday, at Netroots Nation some good friends of the youth movement presented a panel on the successes of the youth movement and discussed where we go from here in terms of policy and continuous engagement for the young voters that elected Barack Obama.

Here is the Introduction by Jefferson Smith of the Oregon Bus Project and Biko Baker from the League of Young Voters. I'm dealing with a pretty sketchy internet connection as the hotel seems to be stuck in 1999, but as it uploads I'll post here and comment.

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By Sarah Burris on August 8, 2009

CHICAGO, Illinois - A big congratulations to Crystal Strait for being elected as the new president of Young Democrats of America. As we receive information about the other office holders I will update. Other Winners:

By Sarah Burris on August 7, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - The USA Today has a piece showing the bleak state of the housing market.

"The percentage of households that own homes hit a peak of almost 70% in 2004 and 2005. By the second quarter of this year, that slipped to 67.4%, according to the Census Bureau. Now, a University of Utah analysis projects it'll drop to about 63.5% by 2020 — the lowest since 1985. . ."

Renting might become more appealing because "households are smaller. The youngest of 79 million Baby Boomers will turn 56 by 2020 and many will be empty nesters who favor small homes. The 20-something millennial generation is at a peak age for renting."

This is something my mother and I talk about constantly. She's the VP of a local bank that has about 5 branches and does primarily home loans or construction loans for new homes. Lately, many of my friends have come to her asking questions about buying a house because so many feel this discomfort putting money into a place for rent and not owning something in the end. At the same time, the economic shortfalls our generation faces prevents us many times from being able to make that leap into home ownership simply because we're priced out of the market.

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By Sarah Burris on August 6, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - A listserv I'm on has had a very interesting thread about Tweeting recently beginning with a piece from Politico that says more GOP electeds are on Twitter than are Democratic Elected Officials almost 2:1 - 100 to 56 according to Tweet Congress:

A total of 261 Dems are ignoring the new technology (Claire McCaskill ain't one 'em) compared to 119 non-Tweet R's.
This broke into a discussion that questioned the demographic of Twitter and its usefulness to the political youth movement as well as its effectiveness for advocacy and/or outreach. According to the Nielson Wire:
witter’s footprint has expanded impressively in the first half of 2009, reaching 10.7 percent of all active Internet users in June. Perhaps even more impressively, this growth has come despite a lack of widespread adoption by children, teens, and young adults. In June 2009, only 16 percent of website users were under the age of 25. Bear in mind persons under 25 make up nearly one quarter of the active US Internet universe, which means that effectively under-indexes on the youth market by 36 percent.
What Jason Pollock from The Youngest Candidate remarked was that early adoptors of Twitter were already middle aged, where early adopters of Facebook and MySpace were in their teens and 20's.

Read more of this post here ...

By Sarah Burris on August 2, 2009

In an open letter to the New York Republican Party, Meghan McCain once again invited her chosen party to reconsider its position on gay marriage.

McCain has long been an advocate and ally to the LGBT community, speaking in April at the Log Cabin Republicans Convention...

Read more of this post here ...

By Sarah Burris on August 1, 2009

There's a great piece in the Village Voice about J School graduates seeking work in a questionable economy. Given the posts Craig and I have been doing about the state of journalism in the wake of the Cronkite death, I thought this piece an interesting boost of optimism from aspiring Millennial Journalists.

Even though a career in journalism "makes as much sense as signing up for a career as a Pontiac dealer," it seems the hard times are no match for a generation hell bent on reviving the profession with a boost of technology and a new fresh approach. Millennials to the rescue!

Read more of this post here ...

By Sarah Burris on July 27, 2009

After several blogs here and crossposted to DailyKos, the exposure of the C Street Cult has gained a lot of traction in my state as well as nationally. The local mainstream media in Kansas is now starting to take a closer look at the alleged right wing religious cult that forms the foundation of C Street's 'The Fellowship'.

With denials from Rep. Todd Tiahrt and admissions from Sen. Sam Brownback and, now, with the discovery that Rep. Jerry Moran actually lives at C Street, citizens are left to wonder if these elected officials will ever come clean and tell the whole truth.

What has been their individual and collective participation in the financial organization of C Street? When will they expose and explain the payoff of Ensign's mistress? Those that live with 'The Family' or operate from inside the organization surely will want to tell us what they know about C Street's do-it-yourself exorcisms. What about the slew of other allegations regarding secretive payoffs, untoward behavior, lock-step policy efforts, and the concerted cover-ups of scandals allegedly orchestrated by the legislators most intimately involved with C Street?

Read more of this post here ...

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